Affirmed Properties has many investment opportunities. With our diverse experience in the real estate industry we are offering investors multiple avenues that can meet the needs of many seeking to use real estate as a vehicle to increase their net worth. Below are listed just a few of the potential opportunities that exist today. As we continue to grow and diversify these numbers will increase into commercial possibilities, equity partnerships, and residential communities. Please feel free to contact us with your own ideas the possibilities in real estate are endless. We also work in property values of your choosing.


We call you with a deal, houses are from 20% to we recently bought one at 90% below ARV, most of them are 40 to 60%. We give you an estimated repair cost, remember its an estimate the cost may be more after we get into a project. We usually have things covered. We put up 20% of purchase, you cover the balance of purchase price and repairs. We do a 14 month note, usually at 6% with your name as first lean holder on property.


We research properties going up for sale and have discovered appraisers in each county have various opinions on the foreclosure value of these properties in their jurisdiction. We single out these counties and bid the properties starting at 30 percent below THEIR appraised value, focusing on properties that are comping at a greater value than what has been appraised. Other auctions included in this program are USDA, various online auctions, IRS auctions and others. The difficulty of this program is that many of the purchases are done without interior inspections so there is a larger risk for the unknown, but we always inspect the exterior for foundation and roof issues, window and code violations. One of the things we’ve grown to understand is the higher the appraised value with the higher ARV’s have the least of repairs and usually will move quicker especially if we market them under that ARV. WE would like to do several things with these purchases, first turn them as fast as possible and do this with the least repairs. We accomplish this by putting them on the market the day after the sale is confirmed at an appropriate ARV, we offer them to be owner financed or we do a lease purchase agreement with them. With the later two we usually only repair the major things hoping for the purchaser to put some skin in the game. With the full repair option it is accomplished much the same but our agreement is interest free and you get first option at the lease option or carrying the long term note at 8 to 9.9% interests usually for 15 years. These properties are still purchased with you as first lien holder or in an agreed LLC.


We our mentoring one of the most successful real estate investors on the east coast. He regularly buys HUD houses below offering price at 20 to 70%. We seek to accomplish the same here in the Midwest. With the proper investor we can make minimum repairs and owner finance or do a complete repair and have them FHA or USDA loans. These homes would fall under the 20% down by us and the balance and repairs on a 14 month note to us at 6%. Other options also are available.

IRAs, Checkbook IRAs

Can be used to purchase real estate. We use this vehicle ourselves. Ask us about your options or check with your securities person. Always keep in mind are they currently getting you 6% or better on your investments. Though we make no guarantees or promises real estate is a fixed asset.


Coming online very soon, this market is unbelievable. Contact us for more information,


We are seeking to partner with someone to develop these long term projects. Our area is closing in metropolitan areas, new lakes, and turnpikes. The companies that were doing these previously have had two deaths and are no longer seeking to expand. Housing continues to rise and people are looking to the small community areas to raise their children. We have picked counties to begin developing, large financial commitment needed. Contact us.