About Us

Steve and Janice have been self employed most of their adult lives. We’ve been in the animal business that provided a wide range of organization skills and most recently we’ve been long term in a couple of vending operations. Steve has a diversified history of first being a journeyman commercial carpenter, plus 15 years in the maintenance field with over 350,000 square feet of responsibilities. Following that he spent several years designing kitchens and doing sales for a major home improvement company. With their closing he became a licensed RE Appraiser and a licensed Home Inspector, adding to his portfolio of skills. Janice also has gained experiences in book keeping and management to add to her many qualifications.

Obviously, we should have been deeper in the real estate industry a long time ago. Currently we have bought tax properties and resold them, and purchased raw land that we’re currently marketing. We have bought foreclosures and have resold them, and bought other properties that are sold or for sale. We have several projects under way. Help us help you, we’re committed!